Sergei Kambalov

“Peter is a rare combination of extraordinary professionalism, attention to details and ability to see the “big picture”, creative and flexible imagination, internal discipline and commitment to the mission at hand – and at the same time, surprisingly, a very warm and caring person, with excellent sense of humour, able to permit himself to be a true extrovert (as we say in Russian, “the soul of the party”) when appropriate. I sincerely respect his profound and diverse professional experience, his unforced ability to interact effectively (and amicably) with people of diverse cultures and backgrounds, as well as his impressive linguistic abilities.

I personally would be happy to work with Peter in any capacity – as a colleague, a boss, or a subordinate. I recommend him wholeheartedly and with no reservations as a professional and a nice person, a perfect member of a team.”

Sergei Kambalov, May 2, 2012