Government Relations

The jungle of international laws, regulations, and EU directives affecting a business can undoubtedly be difficult to navigate at times. We want to help you traverse this jungle and make financial decisions which best suit your business’s unique personality, goals, and needs. We’re here to support your business in its relations with governmental authorities, whether they be local, national, regional, or international.

To promote the interests of your business, Arete Publica Associates provides aid in establishing meaningful relationships with relevant persons in ministries and agencies on all levels.

The support offered through our Government Relations function can take many forms, depending on the task at hand. We custom-tailor our approaches based on your business’s unique situation, ensuring high-quality results.

Support packages Arete Publica Associates can provide include:

Regulation and Legislation Monitoring

We can ensure that in the midst of the fast-paced world of Public Affairs management, your business stays up to date. Arete Publica Associates can provide your business with regular reports on new laws and regulations which might affect your organization, giving you greater insight on how to proceed. Legislation monitoring packages can be arranged on a weekly, monthly or quarterly basis, depending on the needs of your business.

Government Relations Strategy Development

Arete Publica Associates can help your business develop a unique government relations strategy. From the beginning, we’ll help you determine your goals, and guide you in manifesting these goals. We’ll aid you in deciding the specific areas of legislation or decision-making your business can attempt to engage with, given the interests of your organization.

Some examples of our support for your business in this function include:

National Government and Regulation Strategy Development

Imagine that you’re in the business of creating new and innovative financial products – e.g. cryptocurrencies – and you seek to determine how your national government is regulating these industries. Arete Publica Associates can conduct research for your business regarding the current state of financial regulations, and provide your business with assessments of the effects of possible future regulations. From here, we can make proposals for how to navigate and influence such regulations, and aid your business in drafting position papers. Finally, Arete Publica Associates can ensure that your business’s messages reach the right institutions and regulatory agencies.

European Union Directives– Analyses and Recommendations

We can provide your business with an analysis of the ways in which new EU directives might affect the work you do. For example, say your business wants to gain an understanding of the impact of the EU’s recent Directive on Corporate Responsibility. Arete Publica Associates can provide your business with an analysis of the EU Directive and the ways it translates into the national laws of your business locations. We can provide you with an impact assessment of the changes brought by the directive, a calculation of its impact on your clients and supply chain, and recommendations on necessary changes your business may need to make. With the help of Arete Publica Associates, your business will always be up to date and in compliance.

Financing Projects in Eastern European Countries– Proposing Concrete Options

Quite often, businesses struggle in procuring contracts in Eastern European countries is the lack of funding available to these countries as a result of the difficult and ongoing transition. If you seek to establish or expand your business in some of these countries, it’s vital to determine how to best finance such projects. Arete Publica Associates can help to answer your business’s finance questions and find solutions. We can provide research regarding relevant funding institutions – such as the World Bank, the IFC, the EBRD and the EIB – and aid your business in evaluating their programs and financing options. Arete Publica Associates can help identify a viable solution for your specific business needs, and advise you on strategy, procurement guidelines, and tactical approaches to proceed with.

These are only a few examples of the various ways in which Arete Publica Associates can support your business in developing strategies to successfully handle its government relations. Our goal is to customize strategies to support your business’s interactions with governmental structures, thus aiding you in making important choices tailored to your business’s unique goals and visions.