Stakeholder Engagement and Management

Peter Hellmonds, CEO of Arete Publica Associates

Stakeholder Engagement is the underlying force which bridges the gaps between all of the functions of Public Affairs management. The purpose of stakeholder engagement is to create positive relationships with relevant stakeholders and manage their expectations. Engaging with your business’s stakeholders– clients, suppliers, lobbyists, governmental associations, etc. – ensures that your business gets meaningful feedback from those who play a role in its success.

Stakeholder engagement and management is a critical activity for any company or organization, whether it is producing goods, delivering services, carrying out projects or programs, or engaging in any other activity. Analyzing the company and its aforementioned activities, and identifying which individuals, groups, or organizations would be able to affect or be affected by such activities is a key component of what Arete Publica Associates can offer.

Arete Publica Associates can provide your business with a variety of Stakeholder Engagement & Management support packages:

  • Engagement and communication with industry associations and regulatory bodies
  • Multi-stakeholder dialogues and initiatives, often in communication with:
    • industry players
    • governments
    • civil society actors
  • A complex analysis of your Stakeholder Matrix as a tool in helping to determine the best course of action for important issues