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You are a key manager in your organization, your business, and you are responsible to advance and protect your company and its interests. But you are also keenly aware that your interaction with the world around you bears many challenges.

Arete Publica Associates can help you if you are looking for answers to some or all of these questions:

  • How can I manage my internal and external stakeholders so that they become an asset to my organization and not a liability or a problem?
  • I want to stay up-to-date with the legislative proposals that may affect my organization.
  • What do I need to influence policy makers to create an environment where my business can excel and expand?
  • I need to know how to implement our corporate Code of Conduct and report about our sustainability and transparency efforts.
  • My investors and other interested stakeholders demand a regular report about our business performance in areas of anti-corruption, non-discrimination, corporate governance, and responsible corporate citizenship. I need the right management and reporting systems to do that.
  • What can I do when one of our suppliers gets involved in a supply chain scandal that is also affecting our corporate reputation? How can I handle such a crisis?
  • Can you help me prepare and assure that our reputation stays positive?

Yes, we can and will support you in all these questions!