Financial Advisory

Many projects or ideas for a good business deal sound great at first, but are dependent on finding the appropriate funding structures to make these projects happen. While the inexperienced will think in terms of money, the experienced financial adviser will provide your business with the following insight– money is almost always available. The real issue is grounded in finding the right financing structure for your project, where the risks of investing and financing are properly balanced and distributed.

At Arete Publica Associates we provide Financial Advisory Services to business clients in support of their business expansion in international projects. We can provide your company and clients with advice on how to finance international trade projects– from small-scale feasibility studies lasting a few months to large-scale infrastructure projects with 30 year time horizons. You can rely on our reliability and expertise– which is backed by our illustrious and various experiences in advising clients and closing deals, from small to large, in various industries.

Our Founder, Peter Hellmonds (right), with Ambassador Wolfgang Ischinger (left) in 2018


Our experience in Financial Advisory spans decades, nations, and industries. From working with the World Bank Group (comprised of the IBRD, IFC, and MIGA) in Washington, DC, to advising clients on working with the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) in London, to working with the European Investment Bank (EIB) in Luxemburg, to finding funding from commercial banks, we’ve done it all.

Our experience includes project finance deals of more than two billion Euros. These projects span industries widely and involve multiple complex stakeholders. We handled the project financials of constructing a Southern-European greenfield airport operating as a public-private partnership– with major funding support from the European Union, the EIB, and a consortium of nine private commercial banks.

Jorf Lasfar Energy Company
Our Founder, Peter Hellmonds,
at a Board Meeting

We handled the privatization and expansion of a Middle-Eastern power plant (Jorf Lasfar Energy Company), where we advised on and arranged for political risk insurance against sovereign risks, during and after construction. We have advised clients on the takeover of a East-European railway carmaker with the financial and political support of the EBRD.

We’ve arranged for commercial and political risk-coverage in numerous cases of telecommunication network expansions, including a project doubling the risk coverage to 100 million Euros in Brazil during times of economic hardship, supported by the German Federal Guarantees program Hermes. We’re currently working for clients searching for EU grants to support the development of their business in Eastern Europe.

Our experiences span industries far and wide, and gives our clients a guarantee that our financial advisory services have proven success. Whatever industry your business is in or whatever the size of the project, Arete Publica Associates is here to serve you.

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