From consulting directly with your business’s top management to working with industry partners to representing your best interests in multi-stakeholder initiatives, our Consulting Services are broad, diverse, and expanding. With over 20 years of experience in various industries, you can trust us to help you strategically achieve your goals.

Financial Advisory Services

Many deals or projects sound great at first, but prove to be difficult to achieve without significant funding. At Arete Publica Associates, we’re dedicated to advising you financially, whether on a large-scale or a small one. You can trust us to help your business find financial resources and structures tailored to your unique situations.

Methods for Success

At Arete Publica Associates, we don’t leave methods up to chance. Our consulting and advisory services are ground in thorough research methods to ensure we recommend the right solution for your issue. Generally, our methods take place in four stages: Fact-Finding Research, a Baseline Assessment, an in-depth Analysis, and a Recommendation with an Action Plan.

Workshops and Seminars

Need help designing and implementing a Corporate Social Responsibility strategy for your team? Worried about transparency and compliance? Our numerous workshops are designed as a one-day compact activity to address topics for your success, set priorities, make team goals, ask & answer questions, and to learn with you!

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At its core, Arete Publica Associates offers various Advisory Services. Our founder, Peter H. Hellmonds, has more than 25 years of industry experience, and is skilled in providing high-quality public affairs advisory services for our clients.

These advisory services can be applied in the frameworks of various functions– Government Relations, Corporate Social Responsibility, Crisis and Reputation Management, and Stakeholder Engagement and Management – in ways that are tailored to your industry and benefit your business’ public affairs needs.

These specific Consulting Services under the functions of Public Affairs represent our general service offering. Next to that we also offer Financial Advisory services. In this category we consider issues such as Project and Trade Finance and advisory services in relation to International Financial Institutions (IFIs).

Under the topic of Methods for Success we show the approaches we use in delivering our services. Our offering of services is completed through a series of Workshops & Seminars which we can offer you and your staff.