About Arete Publica Associates

Public Affairs

So what is "Public Affairs" anyways? The term, while vague, has immensely risen in popularity over the past several decades. In Public Affairs management today, the main task at hand is to help establish meaningful relations between businesses and their relevant stakeholder groups.

Our Founder

Peter H. Hellmonds is the founder and owner of Arete Publica Associates. As a senior executive of public and international affairs, Peter has a thorough background in public affairs and international relations, in development issues, in corporate responsibility, and in government relations.

Our Philosophy

Arete Publica Associates is dedicated to providing you with excellent Public Affairs management. Our philosophy is to cater to all the needs of the modern leader, in the midst of the various rules, regulations, and responsibilities placed on him or her by various stakeholders.

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A Focus on International Public Affairs Management

Arete Publica Associates®, led by Peter H. Hellmonds, is a Public Affairs Management consultancy firm based in Germany. Here, we want to support your business in strategically navigating the world of public affairs management. We strive to provide your business with custom-made public affairs advisory plans which position your business in the correct economic, political, and social frameworks to better achieve your unique goals.


This holistic management of Public Affairs focuses on:

* Government Relations– representing your business’s interests to political stakeholders, managing industry associations, and navigating laws, regulations, and directives which may affect your business’s operations.
Corporate Social Responsibility– supporting your business in effectively managing its corporate environmental, social, and governmental issues and responsibilities.
* Crisis and Reputation Management– developing preventative strategies to avoid major crises, handling current crises, and improving your business’s reputation.
* Stakeholder Engagement– engaging with your business’s stakeholders (clients, suppliers, industry officials, governmental associations, etc.) and managing your essential stakeholders relations.


Arete Publica Associates® strives to place advisory strategies in the context of excellent international public affairs management. We focus on helping your business influence relevant stakeholders decision makers in support of your international activities, thus allowing your business to expand its international network and achieve its many goals.

For more info, please feel free to browse our website, or contact info@arete-publica.com.