Methods for Success

At Arete Publica Associates, we approach our consulting meticulously, and we don’t cut any corners. These methods for success ensure high-quality results for your business or organization, whatever the task at hand may be.

Generally, our Advisory Services take place in four stages: Fact-Finding Research, a Baseline Assessment, an in-depth Analysis, and finally a Recommendation with an Action Plan.

Fact Finding Research

Sometimes, a client needs to establish the basic facts on an issue. Government regulations and guidelines are always changing, and your business needs to be able to distinguish fact from fiction.

If your business has a proposal for a new project on the table, you’ll need to make sense of the facts, history, and untangle the myriad of government regulations which might affect this proposal. Ensuring compliance with the facts in the early stages prevents running into legal troubles further along the road.

In such situations, Arete Publica Associates can conduct extensive policy research for your business to establish facts as a basis for further assessment and analysis. This Fact-Finding Research is the first step of the advisory services we can provide, and builds the frameworks for analyses and recommendations.

Baseline Assessment

If the facts are a bit unclear, the next step is to conduct a Baseline Assessment. In strategy development, a Baseline Assessment sets the stage for further analysis and the formulation of recommendations.

Typically, an assessment in the context of Public Affairs includes a detailed review of the political, economic, and social environments of the organization, a thorough stakeholder analysis, and an appraisal of the activities already undertaken by the company in this context.

The following non-exhaustive lists give an idea of the kinds of questions Arete Publica Associates considers in conducting a Baseline Assessment:

Basic Questions

  • What is the issue or problem?
  • How did we get into this situation?
  • Is this a new issue or a preexisting one?
  • Is this issue internal or external?
  • What solutions have been tried?
  • What was the experience with trying to solve the issue?

Political Analysis

  • What are the political, regulatory, and legal backgrounds?
  • What are the main developments?
  • Who are the main protagonists / stakeholders?
  • What are their respective positions?
  • What is important for them and why?

Economic Analysis

  • How does the issue impact on the business financially (how does it affect the bottom line)?
  • What are the factors that are mainly impacted (costs, revenues, taxes, etc.)?
  • What has been tried in mitigating the issue?

Stakeholder Analysis

  • Who are the most important external stakeholders?
  • Who are the most important internal stakeholders?
  • What are their positions and motivations?
  • How much power do they have in influencing affairs?

Social Analysis

  • What are the social impacts or feared impacts of the issue for various courses of action?
  • Who are the relevant other stakeholders that have a voice on this issue?
  • What are their positions and motivations?
  • What are their (past or projected) actions or reactions?

When evaluating the factors which go into producing a Baseline Assessment, Arete Publica Associates considers these questions and many others to get a full sense of the issue at hand.


After Fact-Finding Research and a Baseline Assessment, the next step we conduct is our in-depth Analysis. An analysis of the various facts and relations between stakeholders is often the core of the work, requiring substantial insights and analytical tools.

There are numerous different approaches to analyze an issue or a situation. Which tools will be employed depends on the unique issue at hand. Some tools which Arete Publica Associates might use to analyze your business’s situation include an organizational analysis, the use of a stakeholder matrix, an economic analysis, a financial analysis, and analysis of legal and regulatory framework, and others.


Finally, after all facts are known and assessed, and after the analysis has been performed, our clients can expect a thoroughly formulated recommendation and an Action Plan charting the best course forward.

At Arete Publica Associates, we tailor our recommendations specifically for your business so they will be in your best interest. All recommendations given are thoroughly based on facts and research, ensuring high-quality results. You can expect customised work and results fitting your specific needs.

Examples of questions we’ve answered with our recommendations in the past:

  • Would joining a European cooperative (SCE – Societas Cooperativa Europaea) be in the client’s best interest?
  • Which future steps should be taken in the formulation of the corporate social responsibility strategy?
  • What are possible financing sources for consulting services in a Eastern European country?
  • How can a nationwide industry association grow out of its infancy and become a recognized leading agent of change?
  • How can we demonstrate a meaningful circular economy approach?

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