Alejandro Pisanty

“Peter Hellmonds is a serious, committed, well-rounded professional who can exceptionally combine his private-sector experience and competence with broader service to society. He is exceptional in his capacity to listen to wildly divergent points of view and propose and execute pragmatic ways forward without leaving principles to a side.

In the Internet Governance Forum’s Multistakeholder Advisory Group we charted new territory in the governance of the Internet but more so in the way to create a space in which for-profit, non-profit, academic, technical, and government actors can make decisions together. His open mind, strategic view, results orientation, and cultural sensitivity allowed him to stay loyal to his firm and sector and still earn the trust of other parties.

His combined thorough understanding of technology, technical governance, firms structures and goals, and social purposes allowed him to become a constant, highly appreciated good-faith player. These attributes have continued to grow over the years and make Peter an asset to any organization that decides to work with him.”

Alejandro Pisanty, May 14, 2012